Saturday, 15 June 2013

Guidelines For Oral Care After a Dental Procedure

A visit to a dentist is usually feared, more so if one has to undergo a dental procedure. But, it is re-assuring to know that many new techniques in this field have helped the patient to have these procedures done with minimal pain. And a few oral care suggestions if followed can give the patient more relief.

It is a well known fact that by following a few simple home-based suggestions, the patients can get relief from pain and discomfort post a dental treatment. These also help in ensuring that the dental treatment will have a lasting impact

Most of the dental clinics in Pune try to educate their patients about the need of proper oral care after a dental treatment. Some of the common suggestions that most of us know is to leave the treatment/surgery site undisturbed. Simple actions like rinsing, touching and spitting forcefully may also be avoided. In addition, to feel much better, one may gently wash off the area with warm water added with about half a spoon of salt. It is suggested that this may be done at least four to five times a day as it helps in healing the affected place.

Many a times bleeding and swelling occur, which are considered normal. Simple treatments like placing a gauze pad or a clean handkerchief on the affected area and applying pressure for about 30 minutes will help in stopping the bleeding. Whereas for swelling, the process is a little lengthy, but it helps in reducing the pain. Ice packs wrapped in a soft towel may be kept on the cheek nearer to the surgical site for about 10 minutes. And, this may be continued for the next 24 hours with 20 minutes break each time. Sometimes by using two to three pillows when sleeping also helps in minimizing swelling.

Diet is very important especially, if a surgery for Dental Implants has been done. It is therefore advisable to completely avoid hot liquids or foods. And, specifically on the day of the surgery, it is beneficial to take plenty of liquids along with soft food. Since the food intake is not regular, the dentists insist that for the next few days it is better to avoid strenuous physical activity, because one may feel weak.

Besides these home remedies, it is necessary to take the prescribed medications. The dentist may have given these medicines for pain-relief or as antibiotics to avoid infections. The doctors usually advise to take the first dosage for pain before the local anesthetic wears off. And, the antibiotics be taken without fail according to the instructions. It is equally important that the patient completes the course.

Various dental clinics in Pune offer the most advanced techniques for dental treatment, but to ensure that its recovery is smooth and pleasant it helps to follow these instructions.

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