Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Designing Your Smile

Thanks to advancement in medical technology, the number of people opting for cosmetic dentistry has gone up in recent years.
Having the perfect smile is a dream for many. However, chipped, crooked, misplaced, and discoloured teeth can make one conscious. Jehangir Oracare is one of the best dental clinic in Pune. We are a multi-speciality clinic outfitted with the latest materials and equipment. Known for having the best Pune dentists and technicians, we provide world-class solutions for your every dental complaint. We offer a range of dental services to all our patients. Some of our treatments include:
  •     Tooth coloured fillings
  •     Root canal treatment and tooth extractions
  •     Dental implants and dentures
  •     Ceramic veneers, crowns, and bridges
  •     Orthodontic treatment
  •     Regular and Zoom 3 teeth whitening
  •     Gum disease treatment
  •     Routine dental examination
  •     Paediatric dental care
We have the best dentists in pune to provide you with a complete smile makeover. Our dentists correct misaligned, stained, and chipped teeth; or any other factor that may hamper your smile. Your enhanced teeth will look natural, and the effects are long lasting. Apart from smile designing, we at Jehangir Oracare also offer services such as smile sculpting, aesthetic dentistry, and teeth jewellery.
The duration of the treatment differs from individual to individual. Before we get into the smile makeover procedure, we evaluate your oral health and treatment options. We proceed to the treatment process once you have finalized your decision on a particular treatment. We provide personalized service and attention to every client's treatment. We use quality materials for crowns and veneers. As sedation is administered, all our treatments are pain-free. Mentioned below are the steps we follow for a smile makeover procedure:
  •     Existing smile and teeth alignment evaluation
  •     Creating a tailor-made design
  •     Treatment plan and material selection for crowns and veneers
  •     Teeth preparation and fabrication of temporary crowns
  •     Making impressions, bite registrations, and selecting appropriate shades
  •     Fabricating final crowns and veneers in the lab
  •     Fixing final crowns and measuring bite adjustments
We ensure that every patient is comfortable during treatment. We also give special care and attention to patients who may have a phobia of dental treatments. We also provide post treatment follow-up and care.  By providing a complete service package, you are assured of experienced and specialized dental treatment and care.
With Oracare Dental Centre, you can achieve the perfect smile in a short amount of time.

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