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Oracare - Caring for your Teeth

Jehangir Oracare - Caring for your Teeth
Dusshera, Halloween, Diwali. These events kick-start the festive season. The festivals also lead to an increased number of toothaches and other dental problems. The added sugar intake during these festivities calls for a regular dental check-up. Here is what you can do to minimize the risk, without compromising on the party spirit.
Young or old, we all have a little sweet tooth. The cravings for sweets are certainly accentuated during the festivals. We often dismiss the possibility of dental problems; the statistics bear testimony to the fact. According to a certain survey, almost 70% of Indian population have never been to a dentist in their lives, let alone during the festive season. Team Oracare has some tips to share with you all to decrease the possibility of cavities.
Jehangir Oracare Dental Clinic in Pune, is a multi-speciality dental clinic with dental experts and state-of-the-art equipment. Our experienced team comprises consultants from all dental streams, allowing us to provide a variety of treatments under one roof. Oracare offers a suit of dental services ranging from routine dental examination to smile makeovers. We have digital radiographs with RVG for accurate diagnosis, a dental laser facility for a pain-free experience, and a separate sterilization room.
One of the most certain ways to keep cavity at bay is to eat the smallest possible quantities of sugar. Also, brushing your teeth twice a day, keeps the bacteria away. Visiting your dentist for a regular dental examination will help restore your healthy and beautiful smile.
At Jehangir Oracare, we offer the following services dental procedures:
  •     Fillings
  •     Root Canal treatment
  •     Teeth whitening
  •     Teeth extractions
  •     Gum Disease treatments
  •     Child Dental care

Depending on the state of your teeth, our dentist will suggest the next treatment. During the routine dental checkups, we also look for signs of oral cancer and mouth cancer, and canal treatment. You will be advised to consult our dental surgeons in case of extensive need of treatment.

What sets apart dental centre in Pune is the Oracare Advantage. We provide dental treatments with warranty. You will get warranty for the following treatments if your dental treatment is performed at Oracare:

  •     Crowns: From 5 to 25 years free replacement warranty on selective crowns.
  •     Bridges: From 5 to 25 years free replacement warranty on selective bridges.
  •     Dental Implants: A Life Time Replacement Warranty
  •     Cavity Fillings: 6 months replacement warranty*
  •     Ceramic Veneers: 5 year free replacement warranty.
Apart from the warranties, we also provide pick and drop facilities on chargeable basis. So the next time a tooth bothers you, bring it to Oracare, we will take care of it!

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