Sunday, 23 December 2012

Ceramic Veneer Treatment

Dental veneers help improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth. Made of ceramic or porcelain, these veneers are usually long-lasting.
A number of modern treatment options have been introduced in dentistry, thanks to medical advancement. We, at Jehangir Hospital, have a team of highly-qualified dentists in Pune offering high-class treatments. Our multi-speciality dental clinic includes world-class facilities. Dr. Aakash Shah, now onboard Jehangir Hospital, is a renowned dental surgeon in Pune who offers latest solutions for any dental problem.
At Jehangir hospital, we offer the best dental treatment in Pune. We arrange a personalized consultation with Dr. Shah so that you are familiar with the procedure. Dental and oral care protection treatments in Jehangir Hospital are available at reasonable costs. Our highlights include latest technologies, new treatment methods, and improved post-treatment care. We offer a range of services that are given below:
•    Tooth coloured fillings
•    Orthodontic treatment
•    Crowns and bridges
•    Gum diseases treatment
•    Tooth extractions and root canal treatment
•    Dentures and advanced dental implants
•    Ceramic veneers
•    Regular and Zoom 3 teeth whitening
•    Periodontal gum surgeries and bone grafting
•    Smile makeover and dental cosmetic (tooth jewellery) treatment
•    Removable and fixed prosthesis
•    Paediatric dental care and treatment
A number of dental disorders that affect the front teeth can be corrected with porcelain dental veneers. Ceramic veneers are porcelain laminates that are very thin tooth coloured. Dental veneers help correct problems like gaps, crooked, damaged, or stained teeth. They also fix other problems like restoring chipped teeth and covering unsightly and stained fillings. Fixing dental veneers on teeth is a cosmetic and reconstructive procedure to address damaged teeth. Our veneers are made of laboratory tested porcelain and composite resin.
Veneers are normally fixed on the front teeth. Since they are designed to fit accurately on the front of the existing tooth, they look like natural teeth. They are opted as a conservative approach to change the colour and shape of the teeth. Ceramic veneers offer a more aesthetic and stronger alternative to crowns. Though veneers do not need any special care, it is necessary to follow good oral hygiene. You should also avoid foods and beverages that may cause stains.
Our dentist in Pune are known for providing the best treatment for any dental problem. We assess your condition and provide the apt treatment, best suited for your complaint. Thanks to Dr. Aakash Shah, dental treatment is no longer a hassle.

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