Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Orthodontics- The Specialised Stream of Dentistry

A visit to a dentist can make anyone nervous. But the advent of advanced treatments has changed the face of dentistry to a large extent. There are several effective treatment procedures available today. There isn’t a dearth of well qualified dental practitioners in the city today. Also there are many specialties in dentistry available too. Orthodontics is one specialized stream of dentistry.
Amid the flurry of dentist in Pune, Oracare is one name that matches international standards when it comes to all treatments. Along with conventional dental treatments, Oracare specializes in Orthodontics and thus promises you to give a beautiful smile. So what exactly is Orthodontics? One needs to delve deeper into this term that can literally give a makeover when it comes to the cosmetic look and feel of one’s smile and face.
What is Orthodontics?
Orthodontics is that branch of dentistry which deals with treating the improper positioning of teeth. This improper positioning of teeth results in an improper bite. The one who specializes in Orthodontics is called as an Orthodontist. An orthodontist can also help treat in controlling the shape and development of the jaw. Several orthodontists in Pune run specialized clinics for such treatments. They work on various areas like that of straightening crooked teeth, to close wide gaps between teeth, to improve speech or eating or the overall health of gums and jaws.
Need for a Treatment:
Several deformities in teeth arrangement and jaw call for an orthodontist examination and subsequent treatment. Out of which Malocclusion which means a bad bite has been severely affecting the life of patients. Children often need these treatments the most. This abnormal positioning of teeth affects the shape of a person’s face and teeth which can lead to much embarrassment. This deformity can also have severe repercussions like low self-confidence and depression.
Types of Orthodontic Treatments:
Usually an Orthodontist will assess the condition of the teeth, the medical and dental history of the patient and then decide upon the type of treatment. An X-ray of the jaw and teeth is taken to decide which treatment is needed in that particular case.
Several Orthodontists in Pune use many procedures such as removing one or more teeth in case of a narrow jaw. Procedures that involve treating asymmetrical teeth when the upper and the lower teeth do not match need a special procedure too. An orthodontist uses various appliances while treating patients depending on the particular requirement. These appliances can be divided into two types, viz. fixed and the removable ones...Braces, fixed space maintainers etc are the types that come under fixed appliances. Others like the aligners, headgears, jaw repositioning appliances, palatal expanders, etc. come under the type of removable appliances.
Thus the field of Orthodontics has now made it possible for you to acquire a beautiful smile and also help gain your self confidence.

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