Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Aesthetics of a Good Smile

No longer reserved for celebrities and movie stars, anyone can undergo a smile makeover to correct deformities and enhance their looks.
Designing a smile is essential to correct defective, unappealing or ugly smiles. Cosmetic dentistry procedures involve a set of certain procedures that help improve the overall facial aesthetics along with oral health. It is a skillful blend of art and science to sculpt a smile. Malocclusion or misaligned teeth is a common problem faced by many. Not only does this affect the facial structure but also the confidence of an individual. Discolored or fractured teeth, crowded or spaced teeth, and unpleasant gums are some other factors that may affect the smile. Many of the cosmetic dentistry treatments are not always cosmetic; they also correct oral problems such as improper bite.
At Oracare Dental Centre, we provide simple and economical smile designing procedures. From subtle changes to major changes, our dentists perform a number of procedures to enhance your smile. Using technologically advanced and latest treatment methods, we help improve your overall facial aesthetics and oral health. We also offer periodontal, orthodontic, crown and bridge, dental implant, and pediatric dentistry procedures.
To attain the perfect smile, you may have to undergo a few procedures to correct the alignment of the teeth. Cleaning, bleaching, bonding, braces, bridges and crowns, dental implants, extraction, gum lifting, and veneers are some of the procedures. If need be, the dentist may also suggest root canal treatment. Our team of best dentists in Pune will first evaluate your condition to understand your requirement. We will discuss the plan of action and then go ahead with the treatment.
Our excellent smile makeover and designing techniques are quite well-known in Pune. From basic cosmetic dentistry procedures to highly complex surgeries such as correcting jaw deformities, we do it all. Apart from enhancing your smile, the procedure also includes the correction of the following deformities in the mouth:
·        Uneven or disproportionate teeth
·        Chipped, broken or rough edged teeth
·        Missing teeth or gaps between teeth
·        Stained, discolored teeth or fillings
·        Red, swollen, receded or bleeding gums
·        Crowded, overlapping or crooked teeth
·        Incorrect Bite
We have a number of effective, clinically proven, and safe cosmetic solutions designed to fit your lifestyle. If you are planning to correct your dental problems or undergo smiled designing treatment sans any discomfort or social inhibitions, Oracare Dental Centre, provide you best smile designing in pune at affordable cost.

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