Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Way to Perfect Sparkling Pearls

Who does not want a set of shining, beautiful teeth that are well aligned? A pearly white set of teeth does enhance one's smile and the overall confidence of a person. Patients often complain of damaged and misplaced teeth. But with the advent of advanced technology in dentistry such imperfections can be rectified.
That perfect smile is well within the reach of the common man. Fixing improper placement of teeth or even missing teeth can be achieved through the break-through technology of dental implants. Replicating the natural look of your tooth and its function is a difficult thing to achieve, but owing to the technology of dental implants, this procedure has been made very easy. Dental implants are a perfect option for people having missing teeth to match the natural teeth.
Many dental clinics and dentist in Pune are trying to perfect this skill of duplication of a natural tooth and its functions; but at Jehangir Oracare you will find the quality, perfection and precision all in one, that will give you a renewed look. Dental implants are a challenging task and given the constraints not everyone is an ideal patient for these implants. for e.g. growing children cannot go in for these implants, or patients with bad oral health or gum diseases cannot go in for it either. Also there is a requirement of proper and strong bone structure to support the implant.
Oracare suggests a few rules and steps for dental implants...These steps vary and depend on a number of factors. The first very important step is to embed the implant in the jaw with surgery. We first place the post under the gum tissue in the jaw depending upon whether the implant is single implant, bracket implant, or a denture. Now once the implant has fused with the jaw bone and after the jaw has totally healed the crown is made attached to the implant.
Usually the healing process takes about three months. But the time taken for the overall dental implant treatment varies from patient to patient depending upon his specific needs. However on an average it takes about nine months to complete the whole procedure. Many a time the procedure may require a second surgery too.

Dental implants have changed the face of dentistry. Jehangir Oracare offers best Dental implants in Pune. it is difficult to differentiate whether the patients tooth is a natural tooth or a dental implant with its crown.

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