Saturday, 18 May 2013

Painful Myths of a Root Canal Treatment

Dental procedures are usually feared the most. its' not just the fear of pain but half knowledge that has created unwanted rumors and myths. When most patients decide their level of knowledge or fear depending on other peoples experiences this leads to floating myths and misunderstandings. In all this the most feared treatment is by and large the root canal treatment. But if some myths are erased with a  proper explanation there will be far lesser fear factors surrounding the dental experience.
Patients with incomplete information cannot take an informed decision about their tooth. There are some patients who request the doctor  to go in for a tooth extraction to avoid root canal treatment. Therefore it is very important that one takes a look at the treatments available and learn the truths related to root canal treatments.
An infected pulp, broken teeth or a slowly dying nerve are the common reasons for a  root canal infection. The common misconception is that a root canal treatment is excruciatingly painful. The very fact that patients gather half knowledge due to rumors such as dentists reach out to the painful nerve situated deep inside the tooth; alleviates the pain psychologically. The myth such as this one needs to be erased as most patients who have undergone root canal treatments have a very positive response to this treatment. With changed times the advanced treatments has eliminated any and all pain.
At Oracare dental care centre, we use ultra-modern techniques to treat root canal. Patients taking treatments at Oracare have all the myths busted before and after the treatments. Hence after undergoing  efficient treatment procedures at the hands of our expert dentists restores the patients confidence in us and in dentistry. Also along with root canal treatment we also have dental implants, Gum treatments, Ceramic Veneers, Orthodontic treatments, Smile makeover and much more. For more details please visit

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