Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Teething Woes

While we all enjoy indulging ourselves with rich, sugary delights like sodas, chocolates and other sweet confections, most of us pay little notice to maintaining our set of 32 that make it possible for us to savor the chocolate gateaux. This leads to various dental problems as anybody with good gumption will tell you. As such, lax oral hygiene, eating junk food and diabetes at an early age can result in teeth loss as early as 35 years, say dentists.

 In a recent survey by the National Academy of Dentistry (NACD), about 38% of the people surveyed visit a dentist not before a year while only around 17% of those surveyed visit a dentist between 6 months – 1 year. This dismal figure reflects the importance given to oral hygiene in India. While there certainly are a plethora of dental clinics, it would seem that most of the people who visit these places go there for cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, or for dealing with advanced tooth problems like cavities and enamel erosion.

Whether cosmetic or therapeutic, Oracare Dental Centre offers every conceivable dental treatment available under one roof.  Our range of treatments is designed to take end-to-end care of your teeth using the latest equipment and modern facilities.  Apart from general teeth cleaning and scaling, we also offer other routine dental procedures such as fillings, teeth whitening, teeth extractions, gum disease treatments, pediatric dentistry and incidentally, we are one of the best places for root canal treatment in Pune. Also, in our routine checkups, we check for signs of oral cancer.

Our range of specialized treatments include tooth colored fillings, crowns and bridges, dentures, ceramic veneers, teeth jewelry, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry (or as we call it Smile Designing). No longer do you have to settle for chipped, stained, crooked or misplaced teeth. Our cosmetic teeth enhancements now look more natural and are more long lasting. 

The Oracare advantage is obvious – we do the right thing extremely well the first time and it lasts. This is our definition of the best and cheapest dentistry. We pamper our patients even more by arranging pick up and drop services within Pune and Mumbai. We strive to make your visit as hassle-free as possible. When searching for the best dental clinic in Pune, you don’t need to look beyond Oracare. We bring you the same hospitality and care as our collaborator Jehangir Hospital.

So whatever your dental needs may be, drop in and let us help you. The core reason behind our commitment and success is your smile.

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