Thursday, 4 April 2013

Laser Gum Treatment

The discomfort of the traditional gum surgery can no longer be felt, thanks to dental lasers. This equipment is now used in treating a variety of gum diseases

Dental lasers for Gum Treatment have now found a niche in modern dentistry. Many people may have malformed gums, receding gum line that may hamper the smile. There are also a few diseases that can affect the teeth and gums. In such cases, patients can have their natural teeth and gums restored to health without incisions, stitches, or the discomfort of traditional gum surgery.

At Oracare Dental Centre we have the best dentists in Pune. We offer a range of treatments for all your teeth and gum problem. Using the latest technology, we have incorporated dental laser to treat dental problems. Also referred to as soft tissue laser dentistry, laser treatment is an effective way to correct gum problems. Using energy of various wavelengths of light, the laser acts as a cutting instrument or a tissue vaporizer to remove unwanted tissue in the gum region. The procedures of soft tissue laser dentistry are mentioned below:

Pocket Reduction and Gum Disease Treatment: Diseased gums can affect the periodontal structures around the teeth. To correct this condition dental laser gum surgery is used which promotes healing of the diseased gum pockets thereby eliminating or reducing the pocket depth. It also helps to restore healthy periodontal structures around the teeth. Lasers can also be used for the regeneration of the bone, ligaments, and gum connective tissue. They also significantly reduce and destroy the level of harmful bacteria in the gums pockets.

Lengthening the Crown: Gum tissues and bone can be reshaped with the use of dental lasers. This procedure, referred to as crown lengthening, exposes the healthy, solid tooth structure to help in dental restoration procedures such as fillings and placement of crowns.

Esthetic Gum Contouring: Gummy smiles can be improved with dental lasers by reshaping the gum tissue to expose the additional tooth structure. Short teeth can also be exposed by this procedure thereby enhancing the smile. This technique is a part of cosmetic dentistry.

Frenectomy: The
unhealthy shape, size or position of the frenum tissue can cause a lot of problems to the dental health of an individual. A laser frenectomy is done to remove the frenum (the skin's fold) between two teeth that can prevent proper closure during orthodontic treatment. This procedure also helps eliminate difficulty of brushing properly and speech impediments.

Soft Tissue Folds (Epulis): Ill-fitting dentures often lead to soft tissue folds, also referred to as epulis, in the gums. They can be painlessly removed with the help of dental lasers.
Having the best dentist in Pune, Oracare Dental Centre takes care of all your teeth and gum problems. We understand your requirements and provide you the best solution at a reasonable price.

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