Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pearly Whites

For there was never yet another philosopher that could endure the toothache patiently.
-          William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

To many people, a trip to the dentist’s brings about a feeling of dread. The glint of the metallic instruments causes a chill to run down one’s spine and the grinding nails-on-blackboard noise of the drill makes one’s toes curl. But need a trip to the dentist necessarily be so unpleasant?

Undoubtedly, the dental industry is a lucrative one and scores of clinics have sprung up in recent years. But if you are looking for the best dental clinic in Pune, look no further than Jehangir Oracare Dental Centre. At Jehangir Oracare, we believe that the best and cheapest dentistry is when the right thing is done extremely well the first time and it lasts. We are a Pune based dental practice centrally located at Jehangir Hospital in Sassoon Road and provide end-to-end dental care spanning every category of treatment available.

Our range of treatments spans the entire gamut of dental care, ranging from the rehabilitative to cosmetic. We offer periodontal gum surgery, bone grafting, root canal, oral cancer detection, removable and fixed prosthesis, teeth whitening, tooth jewellery and whatnot! We are a one-stop clinic for all your teething woes. And unlike other places where the dentists put silver in your mouth and gold in their pockets, we offer all this at a reasonable cost. An affordable, reasonable treatment is what we’re good at! We are committed to making your experience hassle-free and surpass your expectations.

Our exceptional attention to customer satisfaction means we hire only the best orthodontic specialists and the latest equipment and facilities, which includes:
·         Digital Radiographs with RVG for accurate diagnosis.
·         Dental lasers treatments for painless procedures
·         Ultramodern dental chairs with most modern attachments like fiber - optic headpiece, LED light cure machines

The vast majority of our customers come in for dental implants and tooth extractions. To date, we have achieved the laudable milestone of 1000+ smile designing and 5000+ root canal treatments in Pune. Our customers always leave satisfied and the best compliment that they give us is when they recommend us to others.

Healthy teeth are indeed necessary to enjoy life to the fullest. As Miguel de Cervantes said in his famous work Don Quixote “Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.” A smile can bridge the gap between any two individuals. At Jehangir Oracare, the core reason behind our commitment and success is your smile. Aspiring to be quoted as the finest dental clinic in Pune by our patrons, we unceasingly serve our customers with the same hospitality as our collaborator Jehangir Hospital. We go out of our way to delight and deliver, offering facilities like dental treatments with warranty and pick up & drop facilities.

So whether it’s to brighten your smile or to extract an offending tooth, give us a tinkle and leave the rest to us.

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