Saturday, 21 April 2012

Caring for your child’s teeth - Article Published In Times Of India

Till now all of us went to doctor only when we had a cavity or we had a toothache that would not go away. But dentists always recommend that oral care started at a very young age, rather it should begin soon after the baby’s birth.
                Pune based dental surgeons Dr. Aakash Shah believe that good dental health is established early n life. “Oral care should begin soon after the baby’s birth. Gums should be cleaned after each feeding. You can begin brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they appear, using a soft brush.” Dr. Aakash Shah runs the oracare dental care centre on East Street, Camp.
                On when should a child be taken to the dentist, he said, “Ideally your child’s first visit should be by his first birthday? The dentist will check for decay and other problems, teach you how to clean your child’s teeth and identify your child’s fluoride needs. By starting dental visits early, you will help your child build a lifetime of good dental habits.”
                But like adults, can babies get cavities too, he said,”Yes, even though they eventually fall out. Milk teeth can get cavities and may need to be treated. As soon as teeth appear in the month, decay can occur; one serious form of decay among babies is the Baby Bottle Tooth decay. ”
He warned that babies should not fall asleep without washing their mouth as the sugar in the milk or juices can cause cavities, decay, and dental discomfort and even tooth loss.
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