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For your pearly whites- Article Publish in Times Of IndiaArticle Published In Times Of India

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight”: Phyllis Diller
Dr. Aakash Shah
That is the reason why your pearly whites should always be in good condition. It is necessary also for the sake of hygiene to have a regular check-up of your teeth and gums. Gum disease is one of the main causes of tooth loss in adults. In its early stage it is known as gingivitis, and can be treated and reversed. If treatment in not received, a more serious and advanced stage of gum disease, called peritonitis, which includes bone loss may follow, “To prevent any damage to your gum, brushing twice a days, flossing daily, regular dental check-ups and cleaning are thoroughly recommended” Says Dr. Aakash Shah.

Bad breath is another problem affecting people as far as oral hygiene is concerned. About 85 percent of people with persistent bad breath have a dental condition that is to blame. “If bad breath is the cause of a dental condition, mouthwash will only mask the odor and not cure it.” Explains Dr. Shah. “Flossing daily and brushing your teeth and tongue twice a day can greatly reduce and possibly eliminate bad breath,” he says. Unfortunately though, if the decay damage is done, it becomes inevitable for a person to go to a dentist. Even cavities continue to get bigger. If they get big enough to reach the nerve In your teeth, your only options would be to have a root canal or have the tooth extracted. This is the part most people fear. Dr. Shah trying to eliminate the fear of root canal says,” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a patients says,’ just pull the tooth, I’ve heard root canals are horrible. "With today’s technology root canals are nothing like most people think. I have had root canals and I was pleasantly surprised every time. In my opinion, a root canal is as painless as having a filling.” Some people think that having good dental health takes too much of fort and so they shrug away from it. Maintain good dental health is apparently easy so says Dr. Shah. “Seeing, brushing twice a days, flossing daily and eating a nutritious diet are the key factors in having healthy teeth and gums.”

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