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Smile with Confidence- Article Published In Times Of India

Dental implants are an alternative for replacing missing teeth
You need not hide that precious smile of your any longer. If you are missing one or more natural teeth due to injury, disease or decay, or any other reason, you need not fret or feel conscious about your appearance. There is a new solution available apart from crowns, bridges and dentures- dental implant, Implants can be used for replacing a single missing tooth, several tooth or all teeth. Though the cost is on the higher side, implants closely resemble the look and feel of natural teeth. “An implant is an artificial tooth root, and can be made from various materials including titanium. Unlike removable dentures or fixed bridges, dental implants are surgically implanted under the gum tissue in the jaw bone,” says Dr. Aakash Shah.
                People often choose dental implants because they may look natural than dentures or bridges, and feel more secure, allowing you to look and feel better about yourself. The cost for implants may be more than for traditional bridges or dentures. When used together with bridges, implants are more similar to natural teeth in terms of the look and feel.
Age is not a barrier for someone who wants to get implants. Howe ever, the person must be in good health, and have healthy gums and a proper bone structure in the mouth to support the implants.
Also, people with chronic problems such as clenching the jaw or grinding teeth, those with certain medical conditions such as diabetes and those undergoing radiation or chemical therapy for cancer, may not be able to get dental implants. Heavy smoking and a alcohol use many also rule out the option of dental implants.
Once the implants have bonded with the jaw bone and the gums have healed, an artificial tooth that looks a natural tooth is made and attached to the implants. Treatment time varies depending on individual needs, but can take a number of appointments and may take up to nine months to complete.
                 “Following the home-care instructions is vital for a successful outcome. Your overall health may affect the success of the implants. Poor oral hygiene is the most frequent cause of problems and implants failure,” Warns Dr. Aakash. Some patients may require additional visits to the dentist for cleaning and examination of gums to make sure that the gums are healthy. All patients should follow the instruction provides by their dentists.
Talk to your dentist about the procedure details of your own situation.
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